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An experiential site for learning and practicing philosophy

Wabi Sabi is a philosophy that represents values ​​of peace, harmony, beauty and imperfection. Its core teaching is to relax, slow down the pace of life in the hectic modern world, and find pleasure and gratitude in the little things and everything you do.


The term Wabi Sabi has no literal meaning, they say it is an inner feeling that quietly resides within you until you discover it and learn to use it.

The Challenge

A product that combines the study and practice of the Wabi Sabi philosophy. 
Designed for people who are at a turning point or who are interested in a change in their lives, providing tools to change and improve their way of looking at the world.

The Idea

A site divided into two main parts of study and practice. In the theoretical section (principles) are content pages from which you can learn the guiding principles of philosophy. The practical part (uses) offers ways of how to practice and integrate the philosophy in our lives today.

Visual Concept

Theoretical - principles, wooden rings

The cornerstone of the philosophy is that the origin of truth is found in nature, and so the central image for learning the content of the philosophy on the site is a tree trunk that accompanies the principles. There are 6 principles on the site, each of which is characterized as a ring in a tree and together they make up the philosophy. Each ring represents a principle and its content on the page.

Tree Ring 1 new.png
Tree Ring 2.png
Tree Ring 4.png
Tree Ring 3.png
Tree Ring 5.png
Tree Ring 6.png

Practical - uses, hand

In the practical part of the uses, the illustrations at the top of each subjects’ page are accompanied by hands in action, and along the page that the subject in question is presented.



The theoretical part of the site, where you can learn the content of the principles of Wabi Sabi philosophy accompanied by illustrations that enhance the reading experience.


From each page of theoretical content of a philosophical principle it is possible to move to a practical practice of how to integrate this philosophical principle in life.



The practical part of the website answers on what uses exist for this philosophy, and how it is possible to integrate Japanese philosophy from the 9th century into the Western world in 2020. We will focus on 6 key areas of life, which after practice, we can apply the philosophy naturally in our lifestyle.

At the end of each principle's page, there is a link to a practice of a specific use that corresponds to the general idea of ​​that principle, but each use contains all the principles of philosophy together.

You can practice the uses with the help of task lists that are divided into daily / weekly / monthly practice, or through the recommendations links found on each page of uses.


The Site Experience

Diving into the world of Wabi Sabi, all the images on the site move in subtle movements that flow dynamically together with the scrolling rhythm of the viewer, while the wandering on the site is accompanied by a meditation melody to create a complete experience for the user.

Storyboard sketches for the movement

Storyboard naturalness.png
Storyboard state of mind.png
Storyboard morality.png
Storyboard spirituality.png


Handmade design, of natural elements in motion, in order to introduce the Wabi Sabi world and create a simple and pleasant feeling for the user.


Color Palette


Wabi Sabi - The beauty of imperfection

stripes pink circle.gif


An academic project, done under the mentorship of Bob Oral.

Fonts: Days and Nights - Ben Natan, HaFontia.

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UX UI Design / Illustration

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Brand expansion

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