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Galil Mountains Winery Ice Cream

Galilda is a special edition of ice cream that I expanded on for the Galil Mountains Winery.

For this I built upon the three values of connection to nature, sustainability and connection between friends - and therefore, connections of love between wine and ice cream that can be shared with people whom we love.


The Galil Mountains Winery is located in the Upper Galilee, in its approach and actions it works with nature and creates a sustainable relationship with the land and vineyards growing from within it.


Nature                  Sustainability                  People

The Idea

A summer edition of ice cream, made by the Galil Mountains Winery that combines the wines of the winery with rich fruit and chocolate flavors. Galilda is intended for people who are not afraid to combine a favorite wine with a superb ice cream that contains alcohol. You can buy the ice cream at the winery, and snack on it alongside wine tasting among the vineyards or enjoy it in the evening at home.

This summer edition includes five flavors, each flavor representing a different wine from the winery's vintage, combined with refreshing additions chosen in accordance with its ingredients to achieve a truly rich taste. 
The winery's young and fruity wines are produced from unique blends that express the unique vineyards of the Upper Galilee.

Cover mockup line 2.png
The design is based on Galilda's brand values of nature, sustainability and connection between people, while maintaining the existing branding of the winery in order to experience an organic combination of the new product I created.
Logo Galilda.png


In accordance with the sustainable process that takes place in the winery, in this ice cream edition, biodegradable packaging and the integration of recycled papers in the design process are of great importance. The ice cream is sold in pint packages, a size that allows the ice cream to be shared.

The Galilda logo combines the existing shapes and font that make the winery’s logo, and a new symbol that is shaped by Galilda’s summery identity.
M yellowish R.png
color wines.png

Colore palette

The color palette was chosen from the shades of the wines combined with the flavors of the ice cream. Each wine is expressed according to its ingredients and accordingly, each of the ice cream flavor packages is characterized by the color of the wine that is combined with it.

Iconic language

The colorful shapes on the packaging connect the grapes to the fruits and secondary ice cream flavor components, combined with natural elements with the aim of creating a young and refreshing experience.

M 2 pruple & red L.png


All the information and photos about the Galil Mountains Winery were taken from their official website.


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